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lol that was hilarious

Well, that was pretty funny... yeah the dog taking a shit was jesus's portal entry right? and it had the secret to world peace right? Man thats funny... I really like how u dramatised it so much, that was the longest shit ive ever seen. Oh yeah and wade needs to get back in his cage... lol good movie, i dont care if u cant draw, but at least it isnt sticks or dbz... it was long and it had a point... and dont forget it was funny... i cant belive someone would blam this after how much fun it made of people blamming shit. i liked the lois armstrong part with the dog... pretty funny

Well , that was hilarious

yeah that was the best, i found it funny when turbo gave him the tutu

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hahah thats the last time ill create blood ballon man!

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This is one of the best games on newgrounds.

Yeah this game had everything, good graphix, music, style, violence and humour. I agree with the last guy when he said it needed more moves but, oh well. It has everything a game should. Very professional and complete.

HAHA i love this movie

haha, you shoulda had the sound where dude says "He treats objects like women, man."
and you should have sound clips for donny, like "i am the walrus" that would be fuckin funny as hell. I think the big labowski is my favorite movie. Yeah now im sure it is

Dont put ur info in this program

I've seen stuff like this before, he could have coded it to send ur info to his email. I dont know if he did, but ive read stuff about making fake hotmail htmls that send password info somewhere other than hotmail, its a cool idea, but i dont know if he coded it to do that...btw, if u do code it to steal hotmail info, u can use it on people u dont like, nice stuff

redsully responds:

This test was set up to test to see if NG users followed contract guidelines and also to see if they would give out their personal information on an unencrypted server. 23 people sumbitted information, all of which was encrypted for privacy and deleted 4/30/02.

I treat objects like women (yeah, yah heard me.)

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